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The full name of the sports club is: Athletic sports club "ASK" Split. Short name of the club is: "ASK" SPLIT

The headquarters of the club is in Split, Hrvatske mornarice 10th. The sports club operates in the city of Split and Split-Dalmatia County.

The goal of the Club
is encouragement, development and improvement of athletic sports and the development of educational, moral, ethical and sporting values ??of its members in practicing sport.

- gathering of children, young people and others who wish to engage in athletic sports,
- participation in athletic sport competitions ,
- implementation of athletic training and sports preparations and training of members of athletic sports,
- encouraging the professional development of players, coaches and other persons of interest to the Club,
- cooperation with other sports organizations that support the objectives of the association,
- encouraging young people to be engaged in sports.

Athletic facilities are equipped for all disciplines, near the stadium in the natural facilities for training (Marjan and Turkish tower).
Athletic facilities at ŠC "Park mladeži" :
- Athletic track (6 tracks)
- 4 pits for long jump and triple jump
- Jumping for the high jump
- Jumping for Pole vault
- Hurdling
- Throwing areas for hammer and disk
- 3 throwing areas Shot put
- Throwing areas for javelin
- Fitness with equipment
- Gym with Olympic weights
- Sauna
- Locker rooms
- Equipment for all throwing disciplines
- Starting blocks