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Health & Injury Prevention for Young Athletes (HIP Ya!

a) Describe the general and specific objectives that the action aims to achieve:
The general objective of the action HIP Ya! is to prevent injuries and protect health of young athletes at the grass root level through involvement of coaches with extensive experience in training youth. The coaches are the first and the most important figures in sports careers development of all athletes. Their influence is the foremost in formation of habits and technique of youth in training. They are in position to prevent injuries during the whole career of an athlete by forming beneficial habits and encouraging the young person to adhere to proper discipline that will safeguard his/hers health and prevent injuries.

The specific objective of the action is to exchange the best practices in athletic training and to improve practical training methodology conductive to prevention of injuries and health protection of young athletes in close co-operation with medical profession.

The general objective, as well as the specific one are in accordance with the main objective of the Preparatory Action European Partnership on Sports for 2013. The action will establish completely new and informal network of athletic clubs with youth programmes in six EU members. The action is almost grass root and it diverse from the others, as it is organized from the bottom, without involvement of formal associations on national or European level. The action network started informally through co-operation of likely minded coaches and athletic clubs and expanded by the word of mouth. The athletic clubs network and theirs coaches are well placed to improve the training condition from within and to safeguard health and prevent injuries. The action will mainly consist of exchange of information and good practices and common training initiatives. It will result in production of training manual and video for coaches in athletics and the other sports as the athletics is one of the basic sports and its methodology can be applied in other sports.
b) Describe the action (on the basis of the main activities planned) and where it will be implemented

1) Action management
The action HIP Ya! will have 8 partners from 6 different countries. None of the partners are token partners, all of them have significant proportion of the budget, as well as significant portion of the activities that have to be carried out. Consequently, management is of the outmost importance for finishing the action. The activity will last for the whole implementation of the action, even two months longer, in order to prepare all necessary reports and close the grant agreement.
The applicant (ASK Split) will be in charge of the action management. It will, eventually, sign the grant agreement, coordinate activities of the partners, organize and take care of the communication, monitoring, supervision, information collection and reporting to the partners and the Commission. The activity includes three partner meetings that will be held in Koper (kick off meeting in the January 2014), Malacky (autumn 2014), and Székesfehérvár (May, 2015). The meetings will be attended by the members of Steering committee (each partner sends one representative and ASK two). At the meetings, the strategic decision making, action monitoring and supervision will take place. The meetings will last for day and a half. Day to day management at the level of partners' activities implementation will be done by the chosen persons in partner organizations, and day to day coordination of the overall action by the action manager from ASK. The troubleshooting, if and when needed, will be, also, done by the action manager. The reporting to the partners will be done at the 2nd and 3rd partners' meetings, and reporting to the EC in accordance with stipulation of the Contract.

2) Best training practices exchange
The applicant and the partners strongly believe that proper training practices exchange can happen only when actually practising training. So, the exchange is planned as a serial of three fourteen days long camps for young athletes and their coaches from the partner organizations. The activity will last for 15 months (from January 2014 to March 2015). The overall coordinators of the activity will be ASK Split and Olympia Brno. The first camp will be held in Split, the second in Brno, and the last one again in Split. All coaches involved in the action will be at all camps (one or two coaches from each partner, depending on partner's capacities and decision). Beside coaches, eight or nine young athletes from the clubs will also participate in the camps. The young athletes can be the same or different, depending on the individual partners' decisions in accordance with their needs and the needs of the action.
During the camps, the coaches will demonstrate their methodologies, discus, adjust and, at the end, adopt them.

The camps will cover different areas of athletic training - throwing disciplines, short distance running and jumps (high jump, vault pole jumps and long distance jumps) and general training. The detailed schedule of the camps will be determined by the Steering committee at the kick off meeting in Koper.
3) Training methodology improvement with emphasis on injury prevention and health protection Injury prevention and health protection of the young athletes is of outmost importance for their sports lives and the afterlives. According to the nowadays knowledge, the techniques, good habits during the training process and at the competitions and well developed training cycle, as well as appropriate selection procedure are decisive factors for prevention of injuries and protection of athletes' health. For fulfilling all those tasks, the coaches are the central persons and they are the ones who can make a real difference in injuries prevention and health protection.

All the coaches involved in the action are practitioners that are dealing with injuries and health risks of their trainees in their professional lives. The most of them have extensive experience in training process that is designed to secure acquisition of proper techniques, optimize the sport results, but also to prevent injuries and protect athletes health. Some of them have significant expertise in planning dynamic of the training cycles in order to avoid overtraining and achieve maximum results. Their knowledge and the tricks and tips of profession can be widespread.
The overall coordinator of the activity will be ASK Split, with significant involvement of all partners beside OMG. The activity will last from May 2014 to June 2015.
During the first camp in Split, the coaches involved in the action HIP Ya! will form the Panel of coaches. The Panel will then determine what needs to be cover in the Practical Training Manual. Each future chapter will get a coordinator responsible for it. The draft versions of different chapters will we prepared until the second camp in Brno. The content of the chapters will be discussed by The Panel of Coaches. During the third camp the final version will be finished, and Manual prepared to be translated into English. The lay out and printing under the coordination of the ASK.
The Manual will be distributed in hard copies to all interested sports clubs in 6 countries until it is on stock. Ideally, the best way of distribution will be downloading from the action web page. The final content and methods of its presentation is to be determined by the coaches according to their needs. The main goal of the Manual is to be practical, clearly written and to contain information needed the most by the coaches. And they will be the ones that will do that. Nevertheless, the Manual will be designed around the question: "What would had helped you in prevention of injuries and protection of health of your trainees? What did you want to know, but there was nobody you could ask?"

4) Survey of the injuries incidence among young athletes
The cooperation of different athletic clubs with developed youth programmes from different countries is an opportunity to do a survey of injuries incidence among young athletes that is too good to be missed. One of the action partners is Privatna ordinacija dr. Mirjana Bezdrov, a medical clinic specialized in sport medicine. The clinic will survey the incidence of injuries among young athletes during one year period. The activity coordinator is Privatna ordinacija dr. Mirjana Bezdrov, and all partners beside OMG will be involved. The activity will last from March 2014. until the end of the action. From April 2014 to March 2015 the survey will be done, and during the April the results will be analysed.
At the first camp in Split, dr. Mirjana Bezdrov will develop questionnaire with The Panel of coaches on the injuries that will occur during one year among the young athletes, members of all six clubs. The target group will be determined.
For one year period the coaches will fill the questionnaire for all the injuries that occurred in the chosen target group. The questionnaires will be send to dr. Mirjana Bezdorv who will at the end done the analysis of the results and write the article that will be published in appropriate professional magazine. The article will also be an integral part of the Manual.
ll be given to shooting specific exercises and techniques important for injury prevention and health protection. The video will be followed with ongoing commentary of different coaches who will in detail explain the background of exercises and techniques in their mother tongues. The video will have subtitles in English. Video will be essential part of the Manual, and it will be uploaded to the action web page and You tube, as well as to other web pages of associates of the action interested in showing video.
Printed copies of the Practical Training Manual for Injuries Prevention and Health Protection of Young Athletes will be distributed in all 6 countries to stakeholders (other sports clubs, national sports associations, Olympic committees etc.) as well as to big international federations and associations (the most prominent and important being IAAF and International Olympic Committee). The training video will be essential part of the Manual.